About the Network

We are creating a World-wide network of WORLD PEACE GARDENS.

OUR AIM is that everybody can create (or have access to) an area of peace and tranquillity enabling contemplation on the beauty of our Earth and of the ideals of living in harmony with nature and with our local community.

  The World Peace Garden
at Chalice Well, Somerset

You can join us in this consciousness–raising network of gardens simply by declaring that your own garden, patio, balcony, or (by requesting to the relevant authoirities) your local public park or garden be made into a WORLD PEACE GARDEN. Each garden can then connect into this worldwide network website to meet people of all ages, exchange ideas, recipes, stories and legends.

In Britain and around the world, there is a diversity of gardens and parklands, full of beauty and originality. However many overcrowded urbanities have an increasing need for quiet, safe and natural surroundings in which to retreat from stress of work and daily life.

Jeffrey C Gale, our founder, trained originally in architecture and did a thesis design for re-housing community with 2 and 3 storey homes in clusters around productive gardens with orchard trees, free from vehicles, with carparks kept to outer edges of development; a primary school, shops and pub were included in the green environment.

Jeffrey has a holistic, Permacultural approach to eco-architecture and garden projects. He is also a Speaker and Organiser of the Wessex Research Group, Totnes; active member of Totnes Transition Town Organisation; Member of the Town & Country Planning Association, Designer-Member of Permaculture Association (Britain).


Jeffrey C Gale
Dip.Arch; F.R.S.A.& Assocs Architecture & Permacultural Gardens Design, R.I.B.A. Joint Gold-medallist

Contact us now to make your own personal contribution to this worldwide network and declare your own garden or local public park a WORLD PEACE GARDEN.

We can provide our laminated LOGO ("Hands in Greeting") for you to fix to the Garden entrance. This will not only show your intentions to others thereby encouraging a wider participation in World Peace, but will also be your contribution to healing yourself, and to healing the planet!

Our first World Peace Garden was inaugurated at the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, Wicklow Mountains near Dublin, Ireland in May 2000. Others include The Robert Hart Forest Garden at Rushbury near Church-Stretton England and the productive woodland gardens surrounding the Tulsi Trust, Holistic Hospital and School, Kapsi, Chattisgar, India.

To join our growing network of gardens orif you wish to simply be a part of this movement for World Peace, please contact our Initiator, Jeffrey C Gale:

read about Permacultural Principles for World Peace Gardens >>>