How to Join the World Peace Gardens Network

The full-coloured "Hands in Greeting" logo (18cm / 7" diameter) is availble as a laminated waterproof A4 Poster with explanatory script on the rear, ready for you to display at or within your dedicated Garden.

WPG Network is a Charitable Non-Profit Organisation founded by Jeffrey Gale in the year 2000, and has been funded by him personally since that time; financial help towards the expenses has been negligible!

A lot of work starting and gathering information for our website, improving our Logo graphics, etc., all have time and financial costs which thus far have been largely met by the Founder and one or two Volunteer helper-friends.

However, as interest in our organisation continues to increase, the time has come when we need to:

a) improve. illustrate and expand our website; 

b) commission the making of a ceramic disc Logo as a more-durable replacement for the printed / laminated version, for Designees who  would like to order it for their World Peace Garden;

c) become an Affiliated Charity to the Permaculture Association (Britain) so to be better placed to apply for some Grant Aid to keep WPG Network operating and expanding;

e) for example, we have made overtures to the HDRA 'Schools Organics' to co-operate with them and their large Network by introducing a basic Principles Pack e.g. Permacultural Design to School Teachers in the UK, along with their current Pack of Organics guidelines - the new Pack would suggest designating their Enterprise as a WPG by joining our Network, so children can email other Schools worldwide.

The Permaculture Association hope to get a Grant from Green Space National Lottery for this and other Permacultural Projects. We are appealing therefore for all WPG Network Members to subscribe small monthly donations (say equivalent to £10 or more) to keep the good work going.

Joining the World Peace Gardens Network

You can designate your Garden of any size as a World Peace Garden simply by purchasing a copy of our Logo (see below) and dispalying it at or near your Garden. Most Members create a special ceremony as an occasion at which their Garden is inaugurated.

Our A4 full-colour laminated A4 Logo-poster is currently available to order at £5 (including UK postage) or £6 (including international postage). Alternatively you can be sent the artwork via a download link enabling you to print your own poster and thereby save postage costs.

Our ceramic version of the Logo, approximately 12" / 30cm diameter is being designed and created and will cost around £25 plus shipping. We are currently setting up our own PayPal payments account to facilitate the above.

A Membership application form and bank standing order form will soon be available on our Website. Cheques (UK funds only) should be made payable to World Peace Gardens Network.

For further information on Initiating a WPG and / or advice on Permaculture,
please contact our Founder Jeffrey Gale.

(Donations - e.g. in the form of seed, cash or work on our projects - are always welcome!)

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