Members of the World Peace Gardens Network

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Listed below are some brief details of our current and forthcoming Members — we will soon be updating the website with photographs and more details of Members' World Peace Gardens ...

(If you are already a Member and would like a page of your own on this website to promote your World Peace Garden, please get in touch with us to discuss this.)

Thinking of visiting a World Peace Garden?

You are welcome to visit most Gardens listed here provided you arrange a time convenient to and agreed with the Owner, ideally at least 2 weeks prior to your proposed Visit.

IRELAND: Permaculturally-designed W.P.G. at Glencree Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, Wicklow Mountains near Dublin, Ireland.

INDIA: The Tulsi Trust has built a fully-staffed Holistic Hospital and a School at Kapsi, near Durga, M.P. India. Both are now Registered and fully recognised by State Government. The buildings enclose acourt garden with herbs and flowering fruit bushes for well-being. The herbs are important for ayurvedic medicine and food preparation.

When funds allow, Tulsi hope to have a fountain as a soothing, cooling centre-piece. Minor operations, special malaria and cataract treatments are offered now by well-qualified staff. Surrounding trees and land is essential for crops as the complex is situated in remote forest.

  • To volunteer your help in gardening or holistic healthcare, please contact Tira at

UZBEKISTAN: Garden at World Peace Museum, Samarkand is to be a W.P.G.

ENGLAND: World Peace Garden at "Three Trees Centre", Beaconstree, Dagenham, London.

This is a Community Centre for meetings and creative practical courses or workshops in Horticulture, Permaculture, Arts, Music etc.

  • Contact Barry Watson on 0208 5928941 for further details.

ENGLAND: The Robert Hart Memorial Forest Garden is to be designated a World Peace Garden at Rushbury, Nr. Church Stretton, Shropshire.

  • Contact trustee Rowena Stone on 01458 630723 if you can volunteer help at the Garden.

ENGLAND: The Bristol Communal Gardens Group & Clifton Gardens Society Bristol has designated a World Peace Garden in 2001.

  • Contact 01179 735091.

USA: The owner of a smallholding in the hills of North Carolina has designated her land and runs nature trails showing how native trees and plants can improve eco-sustainability.

  • Contact Anne Carey, PO Box 506, Cedarville, USA, CA 96104 0506.

PORTUGAL: A Woodland Garden & Retreat Centre has been permaculturally-designed in Alentejo.
The famous Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury is a designated W.P.G.

  • Contact the Guardian on 01458 831154.

WALES: Permacultural World Peace Garden designated at small holding, Gwalia Cemmaes, Machynlleth, Powys..

USA: Martha Walker Natural Habitat Garden & Skyline Wilderness Park, NAPA N. California is now designated as a World Peace Garden at request of California Nature Plant Society with our logo at entrance.

  • Contact Ralph Ingols at 315 Stacey Way, NAPA, CA 94558.

USA: "The Art of Living Community"; c/o Stephen Kelly, 468a Hanover Avenue, Lake Merrit, OAKLAND, CA 94606, USA. Has Permaculture back garden with a cob-built "Turtle Summer House" shaped like a giant turtle!

  • Contact tel. 001 510 6632594.

WALES: Permaculture smallholding at Caebalciog Farm, St Harmon, Rhayader, Powys, Wales was dedicated with specially wood-carved version of our Logo in September 2002.

  • Contact tel. Elizabeth Stowe on 01597 870342.

USA: Next to the Peace Center in the Campus of University of San Diego, South California, a specially-designed World Peace Garden has been built, which our Founder opened and designated in 2003.

  • Contact Guia at 4865 Niagara Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107.

SCOTLAND: A Permacultural W.P.G. at the Roundhouse Garden of Craig Gibson was formally designated during the International Conference "Synchronicity, Peace & Connectivity", hosted by Findhorn in 2004.

ENGLAND: A W.P.G. is being designated with our Logo at The Tree Spirit Centre, Hawkbatch Farm, Beardley, Worcestershire DY12 3AH.

  • Contact tel. 01299 400586 for enquiries.

WALES: Several mixed schools in Powys, Wales have been designated with our Logo in 2003 by the Primrose Earth Awareness Trust, whose Director, Dr Paul Benham, is keen on enabling children to help design their school gardens on Permacultural Principles.

Paul has found that it makes them eager to plant and build (as these involve as much diversity as possible) fruit bushes and trees, useful herbs, vegetables and flowers, arranged curvaceously seats and living arches to hide in, pools and straw bale play houses. It is a great joy to them to see their gardens evolving and growing, and then to use their produce for food and cures.

  • For details please contact Dr Paul Benham, P.E.A.T., on 01497 847634 in Powys.

INDIA: "Shanti Nilayam", future Jaina World Peace College, Rajsamand, South Rajasthan, India. The gardens of exotic flowering trees and bushes have been carefully nurtured out of a formerly barren rocky hill overlooking the great Lake Rajsamand.

Jeffrey, our Founder, has devised a curriculum of courses ranging from the spiritual to the very practical, subsidised by D.F.I.D. to enable Rajasthani villagers to attend free of charge.

Self-help Village Economics, the first Course, has a wide range of ways that villagers can help themselves to overcome poverty e.g. by building linear biogas plants to extract methane for the generation of electricity from dungs, grasses and vegetable peelings.

State Grants are available for these, as well as 80% cost of solar box-cookers and water heaters. The Courses also cover other topics such as marketing coops, permacultural gardening, woodland care.

ENGLAND: Susan and David’s beautiful permacultural garden with self-built thatch temple and barn is a W.P.G. designate at Huish Episcopy, nr Langport, Somerset.

CYPRUS: The Gardens of the Aphrodite Holistic Retreat Centre in North Cyprus are to be designated as a W.P.G. soon.

INDIA: The Peace Park created by the Brahma Kumaris, atop Mt Abu in Rajasthan, may soon be designated as a W.P.G. (negotiations in progress).

Why not designate a World Peace Garden at your private garden, Public Park, Community or Healing Centre in your district and join this World Wide network of peaceful places and non-violent, non-toxic caring for the good Earth?

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