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Our founder Jeffrey Gale has written to the ICPNA (International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action) Theme: Towards a Nonviolent Future:Seeking Realistic Models for Peaceful Co-existence and Sustainability, to be held January 5th to 7th, 2014 in Jaipur, India.

(Click the small version to read the letter full size.)


  • We shall be adding a Links section soon to this website; suggestions and requests for links are welcome, and please feel free to link back to us.
  • Also.planned soon is a big update to our Membership listing. Anyone with a World Peace Garden please let us have your news and photographs. Our listings re free - alternatively we can offer you one or more whole pages on this site as a mini-website of your own, for a small charge towards our costs.


  • As an alternative to sending a hard copy by post, our "logo poster" for Members is now available in elecrtronic form at print resolution - this may be a speedier and more convenient way of acquiring the poster for any Members based in more-remote parts of the world.

  • ANY garden, from a windowbox to a park, may be designated as a World Peace Garden!

  • (We make a nominal charge for the hard copy and / or electronic versions of the poster to cover costs and help fund this website - however we will waive this fee if anyone is unable to afford it.)


The next stage of the Network is to introduce the concept of Permacultural Peace Gardens into Schools, Colleges, even Universities. The most urgent need is to bring this concept into schools in Britain and across the World.

Many urbanised children are deprived of any opportunity to help design and build a Peace Garden, or experiencing the joy of seeing something they have planted grow and flourish.

This alienation from Nature as a source of all life can result in many psychological problems for the young when true spiritual values evolving out of this natural empathy are missing from their lives.

If you agree, why not try to introduce the idea to your local school?

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