Permacultural Principles

The theme of peace and non-violence can be further enhanced by introducing Permacultural Principles of mutually supportive, non-violent husbandry into your garden or public park.

This wonderful system of horticulture encourages the natural innate abilities of most organisms, to nurture, renew and propagate themselves. The system also ensures that plants are placed in organic surroundings, allowing them to receive the range of nutrients needed for healthy growth.

By adopting perennial plants and trees and, by reducing digging to the minimum, the permacultural garden or woodland is carefully designed to help itself, without the use of chemicals and whilst vastly reducing the need for watering.

Crop-yielding trees, bushes and hedges can be grown to give shade to shade-loving pulses, vegetables and herbs, thereby protecting them from harsh winds. Vegetables and plants can be grown together such that they can protect each other from pests and diseases.

Permaculture provides an abundance of beauty and crops co-existing in self-balancing cycles, earth can return to a more natural state, covered by plants, leaves and mulching, supplying nutrients and preventing excessive water evaporation.

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